Murder Mystery Walking Tours

Join us in 2021 on our newly developed Murder Mystery Walking Tours! If you follow ZahoroikoEntertainment, you will find that we plan to visit small towns and eerie walking trails to take you on a murder mystery adventure like no other. Once you arrive on the tour, you will receive a character to become for the remainder of the event while also visiting areas the unknown murder has left clues at or taking a look at the known places his victims were last seen. As you join us on the walk, you will be provided with clues and information to guess who among you is the murderer, but be warned as some of you may not make it out alive!

Murder Mystery Escape Room Weekend

We will be bringing back our Murder Mystery Escape Room Weekends starting in 2021. In the past having done weekend events at the Chestnut Hill Family Resort in Swiftwater and the Brookview Manor in Canadensis, we will be expanding our industry to Blue Ridge Winery's Bed and Breakfast. Here, the large mansion has plenty of room to fit 5 to 6 couples making this an exclusive event. As you join us on Friday night, you will receive your character for the weekend; you may be a suspect, a witness, the murderer, or a murder victim! At the beginning of the weekend you will find that you and your comrades are locked within the mansion and must solve puzzles and find clues throughout the house in order to escape. Keep in mind, there will be downtime when the play is not taking place and you will be free to go to the winery or explore the Poconos in between sessions. As the weekend progresses, it will be up to you to follow the clues to figure out how to escape before the murderer kills again!

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